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A Yummy Future, Inc., is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Organization designed "To Create Health Conscience Youths" by informing, educating, and empowering our youths, on the positive benefits of constant & continuous use of proper nutrition via Nutrition, Fitness, & Hands-On Cooking Classes. 

 Classes are held out of Schools, Private Venues, Parks, Recreation, & Community Centers throughout Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside Counties in California and the Tri-Cities area of Washington State.  In addition to classes, we offer Family Events, Youth Camps, Cooking/Fitness Parties, and we are present at Community Events/Wellness/Health Fairs.
All of our instructors have passed/cleared a thorough background/Live Scan, CPR Certified, Serv Safe Cert, and Healthy Hands Cooking Certification. Some Instructors offer additional skills &/or certifications ie.,  Nutrition/Fitness Certification, Yoga, Cheerleading, Advanced Culinary/Specialized Culinary, child development/preschool education, sports education, gymnastic and dance.


A Yummy Future's primary goal is to bring Home Economics back to our schools.  

It is very important for our kids to learn life-skills in addition to Math, English, History, etc.  

Bringing Home Economics back to our schools and making it mandatory to take/pass before graduation, will give our children the ability to make informed, lifetime decisions regarding their Nutrition & Health. 

 Since the budget cuts in schools caused the removal of programs like Home Economics, Obesity rates have tripled.  

And for the first time in American History, parents may outlive their children.

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